Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Suspect by Robert Crais

I have read several books written by Robert Crais in the past, most of those were Elvis Cole novels and found them really enjoyable.

Suspect is available from amazon.com 

Suspect is, I think unique, in the world of thriller/Mystery novels in that one of the main characters is a German Shepherd dog named Maggie.

Maggie was trained as a patrol and explosives detection dog and served with her Marine handler in Afghanistan until one fateful day her company of Marines are attacked by Afghan insurgants and her handler is killed and Maggie so badly wounded that she is sent back to the U.S. to join the Los Angeles Police Department K9 unit.

There she meets Scott, a serving LAPD officer who is recovering from the trauma of being shot and seeing his human partner murdered on a otherwise quiet nights patrol.

Maggie and Scott then become a new partnership. Scott helps Maggie to recover from her fear of loud noises and Maggie helps Scott uncover the truth behind the murder of his partner.

Crais writes great characters, from the moment I started reading  this book I cared what happened to the characters. The character of Maggie is particularly well written, Crais has learned about how dogs think, what motivates them and how they interact with their human handlers. I owned German Shepherds for thirty years, I love the breed and Crais certainly describes many of the facets of the breed which I came to love. Maggie is as real a dog as it is possible to bring into literature and she is also a heroic character in the book.

This is a taught and dynamic thriller that I could not put down from start to finish.

Suspect is available from the My Favorite Books amazon.com store.

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