Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Historian - Elizabeth Costova

The Historian written by @Elizabeth Costova is a complex book. We, the reader, are compelled to enter a world that is both familiar and yet intriguing.

The story covers a period from the mid 1930's until the 1980's. The story is told in three voices. Each is wonderfully brought to life in a series of diary entries and letters. Costova manages to hold you wrapped in the world of her story.

The story is a detective story. Each character brings some clues to the table and you are held breathless at times as to the meaning of each clue.

All the time the hero and heroine of the story are dogged by political and academic intrigue and an ever present danger of death. But a death unlike any other, the death of becoming one of the "Undead."

BecauseThe Historianis a retelling of the familiar vampire story.

Vlad Tepec "Dracul"
Prince of Walachia in the mid 15th Century
He led many rebellions against the invading Ottoman Empire.
Because of his love of torture He became known asVlad the Impaler"
Costova does not merely retell the Bram Stoker original story, nor does she create a world of handsome and gentle vampires. The vampires in this book are evil and cruel, they haunt your nightmares and come to you in the darkness. Blended with historical research and fictional fascination this book is compelling and a very good read.
I personally enjoyed the Audio CD version which has several actors reading the parts of the various "voices". This made the story even more compelling.
Definitely not a read on a black moonless night when you are all alone.

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